auratica - art exhibition at Spazio Volta (Bergamo)                                                
as part of a duo composed together with Oliviero Fiorenzi 
painted silk, copper, tubolar bells 

Auratica is an installation born from the harmonic composition of a series of sculptures of a pictorial and sonorous nature, suspended in the space of the ex-fountain. Each work consists of a silk chiffon sail painted by four hands and a tubular bell of different shape and sound. The chiffon has a pictorial consistency, but its semi-transparency does not occlude the space and its lightness encourages movement, at the slightest passage of a person or current of air, creating a single body of sculptures floating in space. The slight breeze coming through the grating will move the installation, depending on the conditions, like a breath. The title of the exhibition, a development of the root 'aura' (from its etymology aúra 'breath', aer 'air'), brings together the spatial and spiritual aspect of the exhibition. 'Anima' in fact refers to anemos (wind), while the root '- spir', found in the Latin 'spiritus', can be traced back to the verb spirare, to breathe, to emanate, to inhale. Indeed, breath is interpreted in many cultures as the very sign of life or the essence of the soul, the metaphysical link connecting the Universe or the manifestation of divinity. The semantic roots of the words spiritual and soul are undoubtedly intertwined with the theme of air, wind and breath that run through Greek cosmogony and philosophy. The Greeks had at least five different terms (aer, aither, pneuma, phusa, anemos) to describe the aeriform substances at the origin of the Universe and that still circulate in it, animating bodies and entities in many ways. The link between the body and the spiritual dimension is finally encapsulated in the sound, which celebrates the movement of the sails as the beginning of a rite, both private and collective, marked by aleatory clear and prolonged touches. Each sail, accompanied by a sign, is finally an act of intimate and instinctive rituality, born in the context of the bond of a couple. The 6 works are conceived as messages of love and at the same time as prayers, expressions of intentionality written in the form of abstract painting and sculpture.